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Friday, May 15, 2020

A hummingbird story

The hummingbird I helped many years ago

One day many years ago, I found a hummingbird on the floor inside my screened porch. It was completely motionless until I got close. Clearly exhausted, however, the hummingbird didn't have enough energy to fly away. I scooped it up and placed it on a soft cloth inside a plastic bucket.

It was probably another plastic container that caused what had happened. This hummingbird was likely attracted to the bright red color of my Folgers coffee carton. Previously I had seen a charm of hummingbirds gathered around it. Thinking it's a bunch of red flowers, our poor hummingbird somehow got inside but couldn't find its way out. Perhaps flying for hours frantically trying to get out, but without food or water, it finally succumbed to exhaustion.

It seemed dehydrated so I mixed some sugar with water in a spoon and offered it to the hummingbird. There was no response. Its entire body was limp. As a last resort, I opened its beak and aimed a couple of drops inside the hummingbird's mouth. Miraculously, after a few minutes, its tongue started to lap the sweet liquid straight from the spoon. I felt like 800 pounds were lifted off me. I then knew it'll be OK.

Half an hour passed when most of the spoon was consumed. Little movements became bigger movements. The eyes looked more alert. The legs stretched out. All the hummingbird parts started to work together.

The photo above was taken soon after when I took the hummingbird out of the bucket. I was standing on soft grass in case it fell. It seemed like an eternity waiting for it to do something. Its eyes and beak were moving but not much else. I even tried to spread its wings. Nothing. Doubts entered my mind. Maybe it's forever injured and will never fly again.

Then, like someone pressed the ignition button, its wings started to flutter and the hummingbird was suddenly hovering over my hand. Yes! Within the next second, it shot straight up, completely vertical like a miniature helicopter. It flew higher than the roof of my house, made one circularly pass around me from above, and finally darted into the blue sky toward the woods.

Although I was so happy because of what I experienced, I never shared this hummingbird story publicly until today. ๐Ÿ’›


  1. Has the humming bird ever returned? It is a very warming heart story you told. Thank you for sharing and thank you for helping the little bird!

    1. Hi Riya! Hummingbirds are everywhere here so I'm fairly certain it has returned. By the way, I removed the red Folgers coffee container and never had a hummingbird stuck again. Cuong ๐Ÿ’›


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