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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

All my heart εΏƒπŸ’› goes out to the Chinese people

To the Chinese people, I dedicate Small Town Story ε°εŸŽζ•…δΊ‹, one of my favorite songs sang by Teresa Teng 邓丽君, one of my favorite singers of all time.

Her other name is Teresa Deng. Many Chinese nicknamed her "Little Deng," because she had the same family name as the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. They would say "Deng the leader ruled by day, but Deng the singer ruled by night."

​All my heart εΏƒπŸ’› goes out to the Chinese people. Medical supplies had been sent and more are being sent. Stay strong during these difficult times and you will bounce back stronger than ever. I love you! ζˆ‘ηˆ±δ½ ! πŸ’›

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